Leaves, birds and wildlife calling your gutters home?

Spring has well and truly sprung, which means bird season is upon us.

If you’ve ever had birds or other vermin nesting in your roof, you’ll know how frustrating this

can be.

Birds have become well acquainted with urban environments, now looking to nest in

residential dwellings instead of their own natural habitats. This is because our homes are

warm, safer, and offer more protection from the elements.

If birds begin nesting in your roof cavity, they’ll come back year after year. Even the offspring

that fully mature will come back to call your home theirs. It’s both a costly and time-

consuming exercise to get birds out of your gutters or roof cavity once they’re in.

Birds can also transmit diseases to humans like SARS, and the Salmonella bacteria can be

found in their droppings. They can also carry fleas and mites, which can sometimes find their

way to the occupants of a dwelling.

There are many different ways of preventing birds from nesting in your roof cavity. You could

install stainless steel bird spikes where birds often perch, but this look isn’t for everyone.

There are liquids, electric shock systems, and even bird deterrent systems which emit

inaudible sounds, but these are expensive and not so friendly for our feathery friends. We

recommend a proactive solution to stop birds from nesting in your roof and gutters.

Not only will Gutter Protection Solution’s gutter guard system stop birds from nesting in your

roof space, but they will also act as a barrier against other animals like possums, rats, and

mice. Another benefit is that our gutter guard system will stop leaves, debris and other

matter from building up in your gutters. This can lead to blockages and water overflowing in

the wetter months, and become a potential fire hazard in the drier months.

Gutter Protection Solutions can keep your gutters bird, leaf, and ember-free.

Owner and operator of Gutter Protection Solutions, Mike Smith, says the gutter guard

system has been a game-changer for the thousands of clients he’s serviced around

Tasmania over the past 20 years.

“Clients often tell me that the gutter guard system we install means they haven’t had to

check or worry about their gutters in years,” he said.

“They are comforted by the knowledge that birds and vermin won’t get in, and that they don’t

have to spend hundreds of dollars on reactive measures to get these pests out, like they

once did.”

For a free, no-obligation quote, you can call Mike on 0428 293 619.