Expanded Aluminium Gutter Guard


Manufactured from continuous expanded aluminium coil.
Superior Akso Nobel Powder coated finish.
Compatible with all Colorbond roofing and guttering.
Drinking water safe.

Light weight (500g M2). Our patented raised surface design significantly improves strength and diagonal tear resistance.
This added durability allows for a minimal mesh strand thickness of (0.7mm) which substantially increases the open area, ensuring optimum water collection and a less visible appearance on the roof.

The hexagonal (3.5mm) aperture accommodates heavy rainfall and resists “sheeting” whilst excluding fine debris.The open mesh design allows for simple “ see-through” inspection of gutters.

Colours available: 23 Colorbond matching colours. ( see colour chart )

Widths available: 250mm 500mm 1000mm Other widths available on request, cutting charge may apply.

Lengths available:
30 L/M Rolls or in minimum increments of 5 L/M.

This product has a 15 YEAR WARRANTY it will not rust or burn and meets the Australian standards for gutter guard bushfire attack levels as detailed in the 2011 amendment (AS 3959-2009/AMDT 2001) required by councils in bushfire prone areas.

EASY INSPECTION: The design of our Aluminium Gutter Mesh and Ember Guard Systems allows sunlight to penetrate and quickly dry out gutters and also enables easy see-through inspection of the gutter system.

IDEAL FOR TANK WATER COLLECTION: The raised hexagonal surface of the mesh accepts even the heaviest of rainfall whilst excluding leaves, greatly improving the quality and quantity of rainwater collected.

EFFECTIVE BIRD PROOFING: Our Aluminium Gutter Mesh and Ember Guard Systems create an excellent barrier against vermin, securely screening entry points into the roof cavity. This tough metal gutter mesh cannot be chewed by birds or rats and also prevents children’s toys and balls from blocking downpipes.